Live dreams in real life!
Many mothers tell us about the variety of things that children incorporate into their lives from their first days and make them very important to them, as if they were living beings.

You see how they hug them, give them very strange names, suck them, caress them and smell them, sometimes they become more important than oneself. These simple objects become key to helping them relax, giving them support and security. They are their world and with them they build behaviors, habits and a life full of memories.

These first objects and recreational activities will be their intermediate world that will give them the confidence to gradually take on the outside world.

Hence the importance of setting their limited little worlds with elements that stimulate imagination, cognitive development and emotions.

Attractive and positive environments, games and toys from early childhood, fantasy worlds, sharing spaces with children and their significant adults, are essential to provide a solid foundation that promotes a healthy mind and self-confidence. .

I love Bilbola! For both my children and all the children who surround my life, I find beneficial and delicate elements that allow them to dream, characters that accompany them in their games and fantasy stories, and when night comes, they remain with them in a sweet and rest content.

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