Christmas with Meaning

This Christmas will undoubtedly be different. After many months of pandemic and lockdown, this beautiful celebration will have many nuances.

We have received a great lesson, and that is to worry about what is important, such as family, health, that boys and girls continue to stay in that fantasy world, developing their creativity and strengths and without a doubt, being grateful for all the good things that one has and getting up every day with optimism.

To make this date have more meaning, I invite you to live it being generous with "the one next door." Based on each person's possibilities, help those who don't have anything, and be careful, I'm not just referring to monetary matters, but also accompanying many people who today have no one to share with, because they lost someone, because they are far away. of their country and family, because they have not formed their own family or because they have forgotten them. A donation, a call, a card, a little gift, something delicious, visiting them or inviting them to spend Christmas at your house, will fill their life and yours with joy.

Involve the boys and girls because it will be a great lesson and they are the ones who will make positive changes in our society in the future.

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